• Anthony Clint Jr.

Is Music Licensing Worth It?

Over the years, I’ve always been big on investing in myself and my career. Time being the biggest to me because that is one thing you can’t get back, but also money…which luckily you CAN get back. 😅

I’ve invested thousands of dollars in studio equipment, software, plugins, courses, seminars, workshops, etc. Yet, my favorite investment has been in KNOWLEDGE. Something I can take, replicate and make work for me time and time again. For example, I’ve used time and money to learn about how to license my music in TV/film. 

Let’s make it a nice round number and say I’ve invested roughly $1,000 into learning this part of the music business. I’ve been able to monetize my music in multiple ways just using the knowledge I invested in learning. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the recent opportunities that have allowed me to see a return on my investment.

🎬 Netflix Film Placement (Nappily Ever After) - $1,500 Upfront Sync Fee

💻 Adidas Online Ad Placement - $800 Upfront Sync Fee

💽 Produced exclusive tracks for a licensing album - $4,050 Upfront Fee

These are just a few placements that had upfront payments PLUS will start to generate royalties for whenever it’s aired on TV & streaming platforms. This also doesn’t include backend royalties I still receive from music I did like 5 years ago all the way up until now.

Now let’s calculate my Return on Investment (ROI) just based off of these 3 opportunities (not including backened royalties for years to come).

ROI = Net Profit / Total Investment x 100

ROI = $6,350 - $1,000 / $1,000 x 100

ROI = $5,350 / $1,000 x 100

ROI = 5.35 x 100

ROI = 535% 😳

Anthony...That’s a 535% return on my investment in learning HOW to get my music placed in TV/film. Yo, that’s insane!!! but that’s the power of knowledge and that’s the power of investing in yourself and your career.

Not everyone is serious about investing in themselves...whether that’s in time or money, but I know people like you are. That’s why I’m having VIP #RoadTo10Placements sessions in different cities to teach you HOW you can monetize your music and ultimately see a return on all the investments you’ve made in your career…but slots are very limited and filling up as I type.

Click here to grab your slot now.

P.S. I invested over $1,000…imagine the ROI you can achieve only investing $197 for a 3-hour in-studio session to learn everything I know about music licensing. 🤯

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