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5 Tools I Use In Music Licensing

When I began pitching music to a bunch of different music libraries I realized the need to stay organized. It can be easy to lose track of what tracks you’ve sent to what company, whether it was an exclusive deal or non-exclusive, etc. So here are 5 tools I use to stay organized.

1. Evernote App

This app has definitely been crucial in my organization. (I used it to type a draft of this post too!) I can create a variety of notebooks, notes and lists for different pitches. The dope thing about Evernote is that I can add files such as audio, contracts, pics to the lists and notes and then sync it across my mobile devices.

2. iTunes Music Playlists

First, I created a playlist folder in iTunes and named it “TV/Film/Ad Music”. Within that folder, I created a playlist in iTunes for every music library I submit music to. That way, whenever I send a particular library some tracks, I can just drag those tracks over into their playlist. That helps me keep track of who has what.

3. Excel Spreadsheet

I use an Excel spreadsheet to list out important info about each music library. If you’ve seen all of the contacts in my Music Licensing Directory, then you know you can potentially have quite a few libraries to keep up with. Contact info, website login, whether it’s an exclusive or non-exclusive deal, etc. You can see the headings in the pic above.

4. Tunesat

The placement tracking BEAST! lol I use simply to track anything that has been sent out to music libraries and has the potential to be placed on TV. You can open a free account and track up to 50 tracks in the US. There are other paid options as well.

5. Box

There are many similar file sharing platforms, but has proven to be simple and streaming-friendly. I use this to share music files with different music libraries and publishers who would like to hear samples of my work or to even just send files.

So those are 5 tools that I use in music licensing. Try them out and see how they work for you. Have any other suggestions? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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