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How To License Your Music: Step by Step Case Study by JFilt

JFilt, a fellow producer in the music community, has started a case study on the music licensing knowledge I share with him during our music licensing consultations. Below is part 1 of his his journey to getting his music placed in TV/film. Be sure to visit his website,, to follow each part of his case study... I'm sure there are some good music licensing nuggets in there you could use! He also provides some dope sound kits, drum kits and more.

One of the goals I had this year was to get into music licensing. So the first thing I did was go on google and type “how to license your music”. Anytime I have a question, that’s what I do by the way, LOL. Anyway, some interesting sites came up and I even decided to do extensive research on people that are actually doing it. I came across a pretty cool dude by the name of Anthony Clint, Jr. who just happens to follow me on Twitter. So I connected with him and turns out we live in the same city. Crazy right?! We set up a business meeting and decided he would be my mentor and in return I’d help him gain a larger audience and anything else I can do to help him. This man knows what he’s doing so I felt, why not share some information to my readers.

The School of Clint Music Licensing Case Study

I want to take you on a journey and if you want to learn how to license your music, feel free to follow along with this case study. I am going to tell you the steps that I take to reach the goal of getting my music licensed. Just in case you don’t know exactly what it means to know how to license your music, here’s a very basic definition. When you get your music licensed, that means you give permission to have your music played on TV, film, video games, ect and you get paid for it every time it gets played. That sounds like a winner to me. So this is an intro of my journey and keep in mind that even though this will take hard work and dedication, I believe it’s possible for anyone willing to go for it.


Get Your Music Ready

– Fill out your metadata for each mixed track which can be done via iTunes

  • Use logo as album art

  • Track name

  • Your name

  • Genre

  • BPM or tempo

  • Composer/writer/name(s)

  • Contact info in comment section (email or website)

– Have both WAV & MP3 files ready

– Be prepared to provide stems (separated tracks) for some publishers if they ask for example

  • Drums only

  • No drums

  • No main melody

  • Percussion only

Doing these things will give the music supervisor or publisher responsible for helping get your music licensed flexibility when placing your music. Stick with me as we ride this journey together and stay tuned for the next steps. Comment below if you have any questions. Peace! CLICK for WEEK 2

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