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How To Stand Out When Submitting Music: Part 1

Probably one of the most important questions I like to ask myself before I submit music to a music licensing company or music executive is: How can I stand out among the hundreds of emails this person may already receive daily? I know a lot of you ask the same question as well. So let's talk about a way you can stand out and grab someone's attention when submitting music.

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you might have seen my post about the owner of a top music provider in TV/film that I met in LA back in 2009. I was simply scrolling through old pictures on Facebook when I came across this picture that we took together. I even listed his name and the name of his company in the caption. (Note to self: always do this from now on!) This gave me all the information I needed to look him up and hopefully spark a conversation that may lead to a great relationship. Having this picture could be a great tool to help me stand out as a composer trying to submit music to him.

In my music licensing consultations I always give as much info as possible to producers, songwriters and artists to help them prepare and approach different music licensing companies before they submit. One of these tips include finding unique ways to stand out and make their email personal to the receiver. Find common ground even if it isn't necessarily music related. I believe this will make a great example so I'm going to walk you through each step of me reaching out to Mr. Trotter and we'll see how this thing pans out!

So far, I've emailed Mr. Trotter to ask if he's accepting submissions. In this email I reintroduced myself, gave him a little background on how we met, briefly mentioned a few of my recent accomplishments and attached the picture we took together. Now, we wait for him to reply....and when I say "wait" I mean "get back to working on music and not sitting around refreshing my email waiting on a reply". LOL

Stay tuned for Part 2....

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