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How TV Placements Add Up To Nice Royalty Checks

If you've been following my #RoadTo10Placements journey then I'm sure you've seen some of the TV and film placements that have been rolling in as a result of the hard work I've been putting in this past year. My most recent placement aired this week on VH1 during an episode of Love & Hiphop Atlanta. Pretty cool since I actually live in Atlanta. I was excited about this particular placement because it was on a network that loves to air rerun...after get the point. Producers who license their music for TV LOVE this because those reruns using our music adds up to a nice royalty check!

Below is a snapchat of my detections for this particular episode that just aired a couple days ago:

Now on this episode I only had one track that was placed, but as you can see that episode has aired at least 9 times so far. It's pretty much a numbers game. You get paid each time a show that used your music airs. So imagine if you had hundreds of tracks on these tv networks with countless reruns.....*insert your imagination here*....yeah. That adds up to a decent check that you can invest back into your music!

Hopefully, I can land some more stuff on VH1 and continue to see some cool residual income from it.

If you would like more info on how you can license your music for TV/film, book a consultation with me and I'll share my insight with you to get you headed in the right direction! Otherwise, follow my journey on Instagram under the hashtag #RoadTo10Placements.

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