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5 Ways To Increase Placements in TV Film

You are already into music licensing or you are looking to get into music licensing. Either way we all want to know ways to increase our chances of that TV show, video game or film using our music. So here are a few tips that I find helpful in increasing placement chances.

1. Include a Hard Sting or Resolving Ending On The End Of your track.

Just about every music supervisor I've come across dislike fade outs. So having your cue end on a hard hit and resolve helps when they are searching for a track to take them into the next scene.

2. Create stems from your main track. (Drums & Bass, Drums Only, Lead Synth, etc.)

This gives editors flexibility with your music by allowing them to pick and choose which elements of your track they want to use. It can also be useful when they are mixing.

3. Create alternate versions of your track. (60 sec., 30 sec., Bumper, Sting, etc)

Again, this gives editors flexibility. I've actually landed multiple placements due to having alternate versions of the same track.

4. Meet deadlines

Yeah...that pretty much sums that up.

5. Make as much quality music as you can

The more quality music you have (keyword QUALITY) the more chances you have for something to land. So keep creating, submitting and creating again. Now go create!

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