• Anthony Clint Jr.

#RoadTo10Placements Update

What's up guys! Just checking in to give you guys an update on my #RoadTo10Placements journey in music for TV & film. So far, I have reached out to...a LOT of music licensing companies, music supervisors and publishers. Even a few ad agencies here and there. Some reached back out to me and some didn't or just haven't gotten around to it yet. Out of the ones that reached back most were non-exlusive, which is what I'm looking for and a few wanted exclusivity. Right now, I have one company that I do exclusive work for and I think I'm going to just stay at that one for now. They keep an open line of communication and they have a streamlined submission/pitch process..which = no headaches and more time to create my non-exclusives.

So currently I have 10 companies that I have non-exclusive agreements with..and about 6 agreements pending. My goal here is to get as much music as possible out to these companies to begin generating a decent stream of revenue on the TV/film licensing side. As you can see, there is a lot of ground-work to be done first before sending a bunch of music to tv shows, ads, movies, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of relationships I can build with these new licensing companies!

Also, shout out @njaybeats on instagram for joining the #RoadTo10Placements! Be sure to follow me @clintmusic and the hashtag and join in as well on your own #RoadTo10Placements.


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