• Anthony Clint Jr.

5 Quick Tips To Overcome Producer's Block

Whether you are a producer or a songwriter you have dealt with "writer's block" to some extent. You have deadlines to meet, songs to finish and beats to start but out comes.....nothing! This is the worst for creative people such as ourselves, so here are 5 quick tips to overcome producer's block.

1. Collaborate - working with different people brings different ideas and inspiration that can help get your creative juices flowing again.

2. Take A Break - just walk away from whatever you're working on and relax. Soaking in some new music while you relax helps as well.

3. Switch Up Your Work Flow - do something different in your creative process. Maybe start with drums instead of keys first or use different instruments that you wouldn't normally use.

4. Use Loops & Samples - find an interesting loop or sample that catches your ear and build around that.

5. Learn New Chord Progressions - hop on youtube and watch a few tutorials on chord progressions. This will help your keyboard skills as well as spark inspiration for a new track.

Now that you have a few options, go see what works for you and get back to work!

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