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Only Listen To Those Who Have Accomplished Success

I came across an article on that pretty much summed up how I feel when those who have achieved no success or even have no idea what it's like to work in the music business speak negatively about it. Below is just a small portion of the article, but I'm sure many musicians can relate so I wanted to share. Don't give up on your dream, stay positive, and work to make it a reality!


By T. Hess

One of the worst ways to ruin your chances for success in music is to listen to the advice of people who have never been successful professional musicians. These people will tell you things like:

“Music isn’t a real job.”

“You want to become a rock star? Dream on!”

“To be a pro musician, you have to become a starving artist who plays on the street corner.”

“The music business is too risky, you’ve got to get a job doing something more safe.”

“You should do music on the side while you get a music degree in case it doesn’t work out.”

Fact is, the music industry is a very secure industry to get into (for anyone who follows the correct steps for earning a good living in music). The majority of the true professionals in the music business are NOT playing on street corners... they make a good living doing what they love to do and are simply not known in popular media. Actually, it is a lot easier to earn a great living in the music business than most people think (while also having that income be very consistent and secure). That said, endless amounts of musicians pay attention to the ignorant advice of others who never even worked in the music business. As a result, they think their musical dreams are impossible and give up on them altogether.

To transform yourself into a highly successful professional musician, you need to ONLY listen to people who have accomplished major success in the same areas of the industry you want to work in. There is truly no reason to accept the well-meaning (but misguided) advice of your peers, friends or family who only repeat myths and platitudes about success the music industry without any true experience in this industry. Remember, your favorite bands and musicians all started at or below where you are now in your music career before they went on to become legends. The only thing that keeps you from achieving what they’ve done is your own mindset!

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